Why Networking Is Important And What To Do With The Collected Name Cards!

Published: 02nd May 2012
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I often go to networking events and have exchanged numerous name cards with many people. The problem I have is, I cannot remember every single person who gave me their cards, especially if we did not get a chance for a longer conversation. And if they do not have their picture on their cards, chances are I may forget who they are!In this sharing, I talk about what you can do before, during and after a professional networking event:


Have your picture printed on your name card. When you do this, there's a higher chance of people remembering you, and the chances of your card being into the tossed is much slimmer.

Dress for the occasion. If there is a dress code, follow the dress code i.e. do not go in casual if the dress code is office wear, even if you are a personal fitness trainer.


Be interested in other people and their trade. I had an experience once where I introduced myself to this man who was there alone and I was trying to be friendly and welcomed him to the event. He asked me what I did and when I told him, he made a face as an expression of 'are you sure you know how to do that' and asked me questions in condescending tones. I then excused myself and talked to someone else because it was not a conversation but an interrogation.

If you are not positively interested in someone else's trade, no one will be interested in yours either, even if you may have the best product or innovative service in the world.

Do not try to sell anybody anything! This is one of the biggest killer of any networking effort you may want to make. The people you meet are not your potential clients. The people you meet are part of your friendly 'unpaid' sales team who have the potential to recommend clients to you in the near or far future. You are there to form relationships, not sell anybody anything.

Talk to a variety of people and do not just stick to a few people you are interested in or are comfortable with. Casting your net wider and further will make the networking experience more worthwhile.

If the networking event includes a talk by an expert from another industry and you may not necessarily be interested in the topic, go to the event anyway! Your main purpose for going is to network and you might never know who you will meet.


What do you do with all the name cards you have collected? You have to follow through with emails or phone calls to try to catch up with a few people whom you know is a good connection for the future. Remember you are not trying to make them your clients, so do not sell them anything. Majority of the people you have met may not be part of your sphere of influence, however it is still good to follow up with emails or a phone call just to touch base. Staying in touch open up possibilities for the future.

Make the effort to meet up for tea with those whom you think will make good connections. Develop the relationship from one of acquaintance to friendship. This will enhance the 'know, like and trust factor' and the best referrals are always from those you have a good relationship with.

I hope this sharing will encourage you to network and see the value in the exercise. I have made many wonderful contacts and some of them have become business connections with good business opportunities and some of the contacts have become good friends.

Networking is worth while and win-win for all.


Shamala Tan is the founder of http://www.bespiritualandrich.com a system devoted to teaching teaching spiritual small business entrepreneurs around the world how to consistently create abundance and resources in their lives in order to manifest, fulfill and expand their life's mission. Questions? Contact Kerri Anne admin@bespiritualandrich.com

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