It Feels Like Time Is Speeding Up?

Published: 01st February 2012
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Does it feel like your time has just gone by and you have not accomplished anything?

Well one of these two things could be happening to you -- you either are really wasting time and not being productive with it or you have not acknowledged your accomplishments.

On days when I am not using my time effectively, I find that time just speeds by and I know you feel the same about this. This is why I try to avoid these kind of days as much as possible.

Here are the things I do to avoid wasting time:

Start the most important tasks to accomplish as early in the day as possible and get them done before noon. I find that I have more time than almost anyone else even though I have a very busy schedule in my business.

I do not spend more time on something than it is necessary eg. if I need to be on my computer to do something, I make sure I get it done without being distracted by other things on the computer or internet.I set up schedules. I have a weekly time table and daily time table and I follow them as closely as I can. There are times when things come up and I try not to let it bulldoze my plans for the days. And if it does I make up for it the next day.

I do not like to hang around with time wasters. Time wasters do not see value in time and they can zap your time too. This is why I do not do long phone calls if it is not anything productive. I also do not do long lunches if people are just sitting around gossiping.

One of the most important things I have eliminated from my life is long emails. I do not read long emails. I find that people who write you long emails may have a lot of time to do so, but I do not find them enjoyable because if it is really important it can be discussed on the phone in less than 1/2 the time I use to read the email. Especially when it comes from people who want my services but who have no interest to pay for my time, I just do not read them and I pass them on to my office assistant to arrange with that person to get on to one of my programs where they can get real value from my services, if that is what they really want.

I also work with very clear boundaries. For eg. if an appointment with a client is one hour, but the client turns up late, then the client will get what ever time is left. I do not make up time for their lateness because I do not support tardiness. Ask any of my clients they know!

Now the other thing that most of us may have a tendency to do is not feel like we have accomplished much. I learned this from my business coach -- she would have us sit down and write out all the things we have accomplished in the past 90 days.

And the first time I did it, I realized that I did more than I gave myself credit for. Now, I note down everything I have accomplished when I accomplish them and it feels so good to see the long list and knowing that I have used my time effectively and productively. And even have more time than ever to do other things I enjoy too. What a bonus.

On days I know I am inching towards wasting my time, I know my energy levels just get depleted for doing nothing. It is interesting how invigorated and energized I feel when I use my time well, get things done and also have more energy to do other things that is not work related.

I hope these tips will help you to 'slow down' time in 2012. And allow you to accomplish what you aim to for the year.


Shamala Tan is the founder of a system devoted to teaching teaching spiritual small business entrepreneurs around the world how to consistently create abundance and resources in their lives in order to manifest, fulfill and expand their life's mission. You may contact Shamala at

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